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What is the IPM Conference?

History of the Conference

In 2007, the stnading committee for the IPM in Niigata University and local committee of Chiang Mai University, Thailand, organized 1st international conference for Integrated Pest Management in Asia and Africa at Chiang Mai University. Until now we have already arranged the five international IPM conferences. The 2nd in Hanoi was organized by VAST at 2008, the 3rd in Lampung University in Indonesia at 2009, the 4th in Mymensingh, organized by Bangladesh Agricultural University, and the 5th in Sabah, organized by Malaysian Agricultural Research and Development Institute (MARDI).

The 1st conference was first organized by Honorary Chairman, Dr. H. HORI, former Professor of Graduate School of Science and Technolgoy, Niigata University.

The Committee Has Raised Four Flags To Be Erned In The Meeting, i.e.,

  1. To develop the Sciences for making the crops tolerant to various pests with conventional methods and gene technologies.

  2. To develop the soil and plant nutrition sciences for maintain the fertility of the soil and health of the crops.

  3. To develop biopesticides to controle various pests with environmental gentle methods.

  4. To share the knowledge and information about the situation of agriculture in many Asian and African countries.

Agriculture in Asia and Africa has deeply depended on chemical pesticides and chemical fertilizers whose negative aspects have been widely recognized. Thus, for the establishment of sustainable agriculture, as much as possible, we need to decrease the negative aspects of those chemicals by replacing them with biopesticides, organic fertilizers and pest tolerant agro crops. Unfortunately, however, the implementation of these changes in agricultural practices has not yet been fully realized as further research and development is still ongoing. It is our challenge here together to keep this process moving forward.

The standing committee includes Dr. K.Okazaki, Professor of Agriculture Department in Niigata University and seven international members, such as Drs. Meah, Delwar, Bangladesh; Soraya, Thailand; Lumbanraja, Indonesia; Cho, Korea; Bingh, Vietnam; Harada. Jpn were selected.

CV of the members of standing committee

Name Country Major Background

Chairman, DR. Okazaki


Plant Breeding

DR. Cho



DR. Lumbanraja


Soil science

Vice-Chair DR. Meah,


Plant pathology

DR. Hossain


Biomass recycle

DR. Harada


Eco soilbacteriology

DR. Soraya


Agronomy & Pathology

Vice-Chair DR. Binh


Appl. Microbiology

DR. Roff



DR. Ohno



Honorary Chairman, DR. Hori


Biochem & Biomass recylce

Aim of the Conference

Nowadays agriculture in Asia and Africa is deeply subordinate to the chemical pesticides and the chemical fertilizers whose negative aspects have been recognized. For the establishment of the sustainable agriculture, we need to decrease the negative influences as much as possible from these chemicals by replacing them with the biopesticides, the organic fertilizers and the agro crops tolerant to various pests.

Unfortunately, however, still these shifts have not succeeded yet as the many materials which can be used in various scenes in the fields have not been fully developed yet. To innovate these situation it is prerequiste to develop various sciences and technolgies which are raised under the main four flags described above.

This International Conference, therefore, has obligation to realize the flags we have placed. The success will absolutely depend on your commitment to the International Conference for the IPM at Putra in Malaysia on Dec. 2012.

On 2012 December, we had the fifth Conference at sabah in Malaysia. The meeting has obtained the fruits intended initially by the Local committee and Standing Committee and more than 200 participants discussed about sustainable agriculture from various aspects such as influences by fertilizer and chemical pepsticides to the respect fields, the breeding of the crops tolerant to pests, the method for progress of IPM and so on. This meeting was totally managed with the local committee leaded by Dr. Mohamad Roff Mohd. Noor under the financial support from Malaysian Agricultural Research and Development Institute (MARDI) and Niigata University.

We like to have an expanded meeting which can play the important roles for future of the Agriculture in Asia and Africa in Niigata on coming March. this year. The success of the meeting is absolutely depend on your commitment.

See You Again In Niigata, Japan!!!

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