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Public Outreach

We share the achievements of our research activities with the public through a variety of events, and actively interact with society.


2004 New Niigata-city -a rural city designated by ordinance coexisting with waterfowls-
2005 Development and prospects of reconstruction after one year since the Niigata Earthquake
2006 Positive list system for reliance and safety of foods
2007 Problems on the restoration of Chuetsu Earthquake affected area and the role of Faculty of Agriculture Niigata University
2008 Revitalization of our region with native and brand varieties of crops
2009 Rice quality and global warming
2010 Science of the Niigata Plain
2011 Agriculture and food issues after the Great East Japan Earthquake
2012 Challenge to Niigata Livestock -to take advantage of the feeding rice-
2013 New development of Niigata Sake -the new approaches of industry, government and academia-
2014 Preservation of food production and environment at SATOCHI & SATOYAMA with the harmony of human activities and nature
2015 Possibility of the cyclic type crop production of resources held by new technology

Extension Lecture

2004 Attraction of agricultural special products in Niigata
2005 Science of life and environment
2006 Natural history of wildlife in Niigata -symbols of biodiversity-
2007 Possibility of Niigata city under the problem concerning safety and relief of food
2008 he power of plants and the mystery of microbes
2009 Recovery and vitalization of the Niigata Chuetsu Earthquake Disaster Area
2010 Animal science for the efficient production of natural proteins
2011 The production and application of biomass
2012 Natural reproduction symbolized by Ibis (Nipponia Nippon)
2013 Innovation in crop production
2015 Appetite and health

Field Science Symposium

2008 Decrease of tropical rain forest and environmental disruption
2009 Agriculture in Niigata being at a turning point
2010 University education in agriculture and FC by cooperating with the community
2011 Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) -understanding and considering the problem-
2012 Messages from our alumnus who work in the field of agriculture, forestry and food industry
2013 Branding strategy for high quality agricultural products of Niigata
2014 Agriculture in Heilongjiang province, China and achievements of JICA Partnership Program
2015 Potential of rice-processing technology and transition of agriculture to sextiary sector

Mutual Exchange with Oguni in Nagaoka City

Niigata Prefecture has one of Japan’s leading hilly and mountainous areas. Here, Japan’s traditional scenery is seen. The area, however, has various problems, such as a decrease in population, aging society, and rice terrace abandonment. The Faculty of Agriculture, Niigata University, entered a basic agreement concerning mutual exchange with Oguni in Nagaoka City in December 2003 in order to tackle these problems in the hilly and mountainous area. Since then, the Faculty of Agriculture has been taking up subjects closely related to the area as themes of research and graduation theses.

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